Links & Other Groups

This page contains details of other humanist-related events or groups running in West Yorkshire, as well as online resources and national organisations that may be of interest.

Local groups

Leeds Skeptics
Part of the worldwide “Skeptics in the Pub” movement, Leeds Skeptics meet once a month to discuss an area of science, philosophy or other area that requires some critical thinking. All of this is done in a pub.

Leeds Atheist Society
A society at The University of Leeds, who hold meetings every Tuesday at 7pm. “A group of rationalists, secuarlists and atheists who provide an environment for secular discussion, promote atheist thinking and more”.

Group affiliations

British Humanist Association
The latest news from the BHA, including campaigns, Ceremonies, Educational resources and more.

National Secular Society
The latest news from the NSS, including campaigns, ‘What the papers say’ and de-baptisms!

Other humanism, atheism and secularism websites

BBC Religion & Ethics Homepage
The BBC Religion & Ethics homepage. Featuring information on religions, atheism and humanism, and a discussion board.

Freethinker Magazine
The Freethinker magazine provides in-depth articles, reviews and lively commentary from a rationalist viewpoint. It played a key role in pioneering the birth control movement, and has vigorously campaigned – and still campaigns – alongside the closely-associated National Secular Society, on a wide range of important issues.

H4S group is for humanists with an active interest in science. They seek to promote, within the humanist community and beyond, the application of the scientific method to issues of concern to broader society.

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association
Provides a voice for the many non-religious in the LGBT community in the United Kingdom and beyond – and promotes a rational, humanist approach to homosexuality and to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights as human rights.

Richard Dawkins Foundation
The official Richard Dawkins website.

Chris Worfolk Foundation
Leeds-based humanist charity that works in homeless outreach, education and mental health.

Humanist Action Group
Humanist volunteering project working in homeless outreach.