2016 Events

Event Location
Thu 14 Jan, 7:00pm
Can terrorism be justified?
Swarthmore Centre
Sun 31 Jan, 11:00am
Food drive
New Headingley Club
Thu 11 Feb, 7:00pm
Agnosticism and the dangers of stepping-stones
Swarthmore Centre
Mon 15 Feb, 7:00pm
Galileo Day Feast
Thu 10 Mar, 7:00pm
The illusion of choice: Genetic screening during pregnancy
Swarthmore Centre
Tue 22 Mar, 7:00pm
Cuthbert Brodrick
Tue 5 Apr, 7:00pm
All Bar One (Millennium Square)
Thu 14 Apr, 7:00pm
The Problem with Methane
Swarthmore Centre
Tue 19 Apr, 7:00pm
The New Conservatory
Tue 3 May, 7:00pm
Hedley Verity
Thu 12 May, 7:00pm
Political Islam
Swarthmore Centre
Tue 24 May, 2:38pm
Victoria Hotel
Thu 9 Jun, 7:00pm
EU Debate & AGM
Swarthmore Centre
Tue 14 Jun, 7:00pm
Tue 19 Jul, 7:00pm
Sat 30 Jul, 12:00pm
Summer Social
Kirkstall Abbey
Thu 8 Sep, 7:00pm
What does it mean to be a Humanist?
Swarthmore Centre
Thu 13 Oct, 7:00pm
Green Funerals: what does the future hold?
Swarthmore Centre
Thu 10 Nov, 7:00pm
Should we have a perfect gender balance in STEM?
Swarthmore Centre
Thu 8 Dec, 7:00pm
The Multiverse - are we alone?
Swarthmore Centre
Sat 17 Dec, 12:00pm
Winter Social 2016
Lawnswood Arms